pegasus     MADNESS


spiritual     SPIRITUALITY

Glimpsing Mahamudra
Old & Crazy
Reins of Wild Horses
Rhyme nor Reason
Talking with Eliza

sm ”new“ iconArt As Alternative
Madness and Discipline
Me and Them
Notes on Spiritual Emergency (by Bob Manrodt)
sm ”new“ iconRecovery through Mind Training
Spirituality & Anger
sm ”new“ iconTransforming Poison
Wheels and Wires
The Wounded Prophet



Address to Georgia Consumers, 2000
The Empowering Relationship
Empowerment & Recovery
Healing and Empowerment

advocacy title     ADVOCACY

Communities Real & Virtual
Invisible in Northampton
Invisible in Woodstock
Normalcy as Threat to World Peace
Personal History of the Consumer Movement
Schlepping with the Enemy


A Dialogue with the FDA on ECT
Plaintiffs' Housing Survey
Sanbourne v Chiles Chronology (1988-1996)
Sanbourne v Chiles Fact Sheet
Windhorse Guide for Families